What to expect from our Staff

We are first and foremost dedicated to providing an exemplary service to improve the education and life of children and their family. We pride ourselves on demonstrating a high professional standard in all aspects of our work. Key attributes of our staff include:


We highly value following through on all promises made to children, parents, team members and other health/educational professionals. We follow through on all AIM processes. All tasks diarised will be completed. We are responsible for our own actions.

Can-do Attitude

Each team member will have a can-do and positive attitude. We are resilient, adaptable, confident, emotionally intelligent, accountable, passionate, outgoing, thrive on personal development, know the value of coaching, thrive on feedback, energised and create energy and are client outcome focused.


Delivery of excellent therapy services consistently based on evidence and a high level of analysis. Team members are encouraged to always be on the lookout for new evidence based assessments and therapy approaches.


We are always striving to provide excellent quality therapy services so we value and frequently collect team member, parent, child, teacher and other key referrers feedback. Team members are encouraged to carry out therapy session reviews and pass feedback onto management. Team members are encouraged to provide not only feedback but also suggestions to constantly improve service delivery.

Positive Experience

All individuals receiving AIM Therapy services will have a positive experience of the clinical team, the administration team and the premises. We aim for all parents and children to remember AIM as a positive and enjoyable experience where they achieved their goals.


We are committed to forming a connection with each family we meet and working closely with them until children have achieved their therapy goals. We understand that a key to achieving goals is developing good rapport with parents and children. We follow up on all cancelled sessions converting to a re-scheduled session where possible. Our aim is for all clients on our caseload to continue therapy sessions until they have achieved all their therapy goals.



Ensuring a high level of communication is carried out within the MDT and to all child’s key supports to ensure everyone is informed about the child’s therapy input. Each team member will feel well supported, highly valued and like they belong in the AIM team.



Throughout the therapy process from referral to discharge in both verbal and written language. Reports will be an accurate reflection of the child’s performance and written in a professional and parent friendly way.