Danielle Palmer

Senior Speech Pathologist

Danielle is a Speech Pathologist and Early Childhood Educator with 8 years of teaching experience and 15 years of Speech Pathology practice with children with speech and language goals and children with a diagnosed disability. She has maintained a sound professional knowledge base, attended numerous conferences and workshops on the latest approaches in curriculum and learning theory.

Danielle’s aim is to create and nurture in children a life-long love of learning. Guided by a constructivist philosophy, she encourages young learners to be actively engaged in their learning and tailors sessions to their interests and needs. She firmly believes in maintaining a supportive learning environment which encourages children to take risks and to learn from their mistakes. She has extensive experience in children’s early oral language and literacy skills however, also believes other forms of creative expression are such valuable tools for young children in demonstrating their understanding and in integrating learning across a range of curriculum areas.