Helen Beaton

Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist

Helen has an extensive clinical background in physiotherapy and has worked in metropolitan, rural and remote areas of Australia in both adult and paediatric services. She has broad clinical experience in tertiary hospital settings, community health, disability services and private practice. Her research interests are focused on motor development, physical activity participation across the lifespan and the integration of child/client-family centred practice into policy and practice.

Helen’s clinical work and main clinical areas of expertise include assessment and management of motor disorders in preterm, term infants to young adults. Helen is especially interested in the identification of early motor signs as markers for developmental disorders and the provision of early intervention services for these children. To improve long-term health and development outcomes of children, her work explores developing capacity of parents, health professionals and educators to assist young children regulate sensory information and develop movement control required to participate in social relationships and physical activity.

Driven by a desire to mitigate physical and motor impairments in children, Helen is currently completing a clinical research PhD at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Her research is focused on providing more reliable methods to reduce the incidence of misshaped heads in infants and prevent motor delays in healthy children.

Clinically, Helen focuses on the development and maintenance of the movement, posture and balance skills that are required for the physical activities of daily living. Including, but not limited to, feeding, sitting, playing with people & toys, creeping, crawling, walking, dressing, bathing, toileting, running, jumping, dancing, bike, scooter riding, swimming, developing the coordination skills required for successful participation at school, both indoor and outdoor class room activities, and physical activity programs in the community.

Helen uses a variety of sensory-motor, biomechanical, neuromuscular, exercise therapy, fundamental movement & motor coordination activity techniques including “Cuevas Medek Exercises” ( a dynamic form of physical therapy used to improve balance and mobility skills in infants and young children) to assist infants and children with movement disorders. She is also trained in Infant & Child Massage, Remedial Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage.