Privacy Policy and Procedures

This Policy was written July 2017 by the Business Manager and will be reviewed and updated July 2019 by the Business Manager


To maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all consumers and staff members of AIM Occupational Therapy’s services


All consumers and staff members of AIM Occupational Therapy’s services


All staff of AIM Occupational Therapy will comply with acts in accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the following procedures and are committed to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all consumers of AIM Occupational Therapy’s services


AIM Occupational Therapy is committed to maintaining privacy and confidentiality always.

We aim to do this by:

  • No records will be released to a third party without the written permission of the parent or client.
  • All written client information is stored in a secure area onsite.
  • All client computer records are password protected and accessible to AIMOccupational Therapy staff only.
  • All AIM Occupational Therapy staff adhere to the Code of Conduct of their relevant professional association.

More specifically:

  • All information obtained will be used for the sole purpose to maximise the services that are provided
  • Clients may change their details at any time
  • Emails collected will automatically be added to our mailing list but every email received will have the option to “unsubscribe” which is an automatic process actioned immediately.
  • Details are only supplied to a third party when it is required by law
  • All client information will be kept in Power Diary, XERO and Dropbox all with
  • Computer screen saver/auto-lock set to 5 minutes
  • Any documents with client information on them are to be placed in the “to be shredded” box after they have been scanned into Power Diary. Business Manager will organize shredding of the contents of this box regularly. Receptionist to notify Business Manager when shredding box is full
  • No client files to be left out when unattended
  • Computer screens to be angled away from public
  • Files to be stored within computer within systemised manner
  • Individual passwords on each computer changed annually
  • Doors to be locked if alone in office outside of working hours, a sign will be place on the door that reads “For safety, this door has been closed as office is unattended, please ring doorbell”
  • No information is given out without prior consent of the clients involved
  • Issues to be discussed in accordance with description of duties in the “AIM Occupational Therapy Procedures Manual”
  • Ensure clients are not discussed where others may over hear, be careful of content of conversations in open work stations
  • Any issues or possible conflicts or breaches to be referred to the Clinical Services Manager as soon as possible.

National Standards Policy Refers to

AIM Occupational Therapy’s Privacy Policy is supported by

  • Standard 1: Rights
  • Standard 4: Feedback and complaints
  • Standard 6: Service Management

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