Vivienne Travlos AIM Therapy for Children

Vivienne Travlos

Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist

An energetic, disciplined professional with over 20 years’ international clinical, academic and research experience as a Physiotherapist, Vivienne thoroughly enjoys helping children and adolescents navigate growing up as healthy as possible despite movement difficulties.

Vivienne’s early years and undergraduate training in southern Africa (a University of Cape Town graduate of 1998) nurtured creative problem solving on a sound base of clinical reasoning. Ongoing further study and clinical experience in paediatric hospital and community care in the UK and since migrating to Australia (in 2004) has enhanced her breadth of experience. Vivienne works within the community disability sector, as a clinical supervisor and lectures in physiotherapy. Masters and PhD research with adolescents with complex disability has deepened her understanding of what it takes to live well despite physical challenges. Vivienne collaborates widely with clinicians, academics and researchers in paediatric and disability services, always endeavouring to provide an evidence based, best practice service.

Together with her physio ‘better half’ and two young adolescent children, the Travlos’s keep out of mischief engaging in water, outdoor, dance, music and lively extended family activities.

Vivienne looks forward to assisting you and your family explore and discover the joys of movement with whatever body and abilities one has been given.