About Us

AIM Therapy is aimed at busy families. We are passionate about the value each allied health service can provide Perth children, especially in the early years. We understand the challenges in accessing this wealth of knowledge and skills under one roof and the challenges in today’s busy society coordinating and attending multiple appointments.

AIM Therapy aims to provide a streamlined approach to private therapy services for Perth children. We aim to provide fast and simple booking of appointments. We are a tight knit multidisciplinary team allowing us to easily communicate where required with different disciplines about how best to help your child achieve their goals. We aim to help your child achieve their goals in a fun and efficient way!

  • Your son/daughter will receive services from the most suited discipline whether that be Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Psychology or Physiotherapy
  • We aim to book children’s appointments at the most convenient location, day and time for you
  • With 3 premises offering full multidisciplinary services and 3 others providing Occupational Therapy services we aim to provide therapy services close to you
  • Our group programs are growing in popularity and will be a focus going forwards in addition to individual therapy sessions. Both play a valuable role in children’s therapy plans

Too many children exit therapy services without achieving their goals. AIM Therapy aims to change that, we are committed to helping children achieve their goals! If you have any queries about your child’s therapy sessions we want to hear so we can help them get back on the road to achieving their goals.

There are so many service providers so WHY CHOOSE AIM?

  • AIM is committed to helping your child achieve their goals! If you have any queries about your child’s therapy sessions we want to hear so we can help them get back on the road to goal achievement!
  • The utmost care is taken to match children to the most appropriate disciplines and therapists in order to help them achieve their goals.  This ensures the most efficient path is taken to goal achievement
  • Assessment carried out by our team is comprehensive using a wide range of goal standard assessments that are regularly reviewed and updated based on the latest research. We have a senior clinician of more than 40 years experience who reviews and updates our assessments each month in line with new research
  • Assessments are unique to each child based on the reasons for referral. AIM clinicians thoroughly review the caregiver and teacher questionnaires before selecting the most appropriate assessments for them
  • Following the completion of a child’s assessment caregivers will receive therapy goals free of charge because we love goals!
  • Where required children’s therapy assessments, plans and progress is overseen by a Senior clinician, any questions you have re: your child’s therapy can be directed to the Senior clinician overseeing their plan. This is likely to prevent the need to change service providers if you are not satisfied with your therapist for any reason
  • If your child is receiving multiple therapies through AIM we aim for the coordination of these appointments to be as streamlined and simple as possible. If required a case manager will be assigned for your child to ensure this occurs
  • We ensure goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have time frames that are reviewed on a regular basis. This ensures the fastest time to achieving goals is taken
  • We ensure areas of focus for therapy by clinicians are the ones impacting most on goals again to ensure the fastest time to goal achievement
  • We liaise with allied health teams on a regular basis, especially if they are receiving multiple services through AIM. We make sure everyone is working together as much as possible to achieve their goals
  • We ensure therapy plans are well documented so if you need to reschedule an appointment and your regular therapist is not available, a child’s program, where possible, can be carried out by another therapist again ensuring no time is lost in the expected time frames for goal achievement
  • Because we work in tight knight multidisciplinary team we are all aware of who is the best person to help children achieve their goals again speeding up the progress towards achieving their therapy goals.
  • We take care to understand children holistically rather than just the specific referral reason, this explains the comprehensive intake questionnaire you will receive, you are not required to fill all parts in if you do not wish to though
  • We will always ensure appropriate members of AIM’s multidisciplinary team are involved as needed to help your child achieve their goals