It is common for children to feel sad and down sometimes. But having depression is more than just being sad. Depression can stop kids enjoying the things they normally like doing, or taking part in their usual activities.

If you notice any of the following signs (particularly if they happen together over several weeks and are out of character for your child) contact an AIM psychologist:

  •         low energy and be difficult to motivate
  •         lose interest easily in an activity they usually enjoy
  •         have difficulty listening and concentrating on tasks
  •         make negative comments about themselves
  •         withdraw from social situations, not wanting to spend time with friends
  •         look for what’s wrong rather than see the positives in situations
  •         seem very difficult to please
  •         seem agitated, easily annoyed or upset
  •         seem sad and cry easily and are difficult to soothe
  •         either have no interest in food or overeat
  •         have problems going to sleep or staying asleep, waking early, or sleeping a lot

If you have concerns that your child is showing signs of depression, they may require additional support. Our psychologists can explore this further and provide treatment as needed. Contact us on 6150 8339 or

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