It can sometimes be difficult to see when a child is grieving. Children process and display complex emotions differently than adults. However, that doesn’t mean the grief is not happening and that your child isn’t affected by their emotions. Not all children who are grieving need grief counselling. But the following signs may indicate your child is having an especially difficult time processing a loss:

  •         excessively imitating the deceased person
  •         repeatedly expressing a desire to join the deceased person
  •         insists they continue to see the person or has ongoing conversations with the individual
  •         extended period of depression: sadness is expected, but prolonged loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities could be a sign your child is struggling
  •         symptoms like clinginess or difficulty sleeping, should resolve slowly over time. If your child’s symptoms are getting worse they may need additional support dealing with their feelings

The aforementioned signs may indicate your child could benefit from professional help. If you suspect your child is struggling to deal with a loss, please contact 6150 8339 or to access psychology services.

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