Child Physiotherapy Services

AIM Physiotherapy provides assessment and paediatric physiotherapy services for clients who have movement, posture, balance, strength or physical endurance difficulties. Our focus is on children from birth, preterm and term, to 7 years. We also provide services for older children and young adults.

We provide individual and group paediatric physiotherapy to achieve goals in the following areas. These include;

  • playing with people & toys
  • feeding this may be in collaboration with other team members
  • balance control and independence in sitting, standing, walking
  • balance control for daily self-cares dressing, bathing,  toileting
  • mobility on the floor: rolling, creeping, crawling
  • running, jumping, hopping, skipping, dancing, climbing
    throwing, catching, kicking, hitting, bouncing objects
  • bike, scooter riding, playing on playground equipment
  • developing the movement and coordination skills required for successful participation at, home, day-care, school – indoor and outdoor activities, and physical activity programs in the community.

The long-term health and development outcomes of children are improved when health professionals, educators, work together
with parents to increase the ability of their family unit to support the child, to regulate sensory information and develop the movement control required to participate in social relationships and physical activity. Helen, our Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist is especially interested in the identification of early motor signs as markers for developmental disorders and the provision of early intervention services for children who may be experiencing difficulties developing or maintaining their movement skills.

Approaches and techniques used include sensory-motor, biomechanical, neuromuscular, exercise therapy, fundamental movement & motor coordination activity techniques including “Cuevas Medek Exercises” ( a dynamic form of physical therapy used to improve balance and mobility skills in infants and young children) to assist infants and children with movement disorders.

Physiotherapy - child on monkey bars

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