• Show a variety of sitting positions
  • Crawl on hands and knees
  • Bop in an attempt to jump upwards


  • Remain stable in standing
  • Keep standing balance after throwing or kicking a ball
  • Walk carrying objects, picks things off the floor
  • Sit self on a small chair
  • Squat to play


  • Walk independently, heels touch the ground during walk cycle
  • Walk upstairs with rail, 1 hand held, downstairs hand held
  • Walk backwards
  • Climb down backwards off furniture
  • Ride foot propelled bikes


  • Self-feed with a spoon, drink from a cup
  • Imitate domestic chores, sweep, clean, wash
  • Hold a pencil, crayon and scribble
  • Build a block tower, stack toys, duplo
  • Dance to music, use arms and legs to express dance moves