• Display a variety of sitting positions
  • Crawl on hands and knees
  • Squat to play
  • Jump 2 feet off the ground upwards, forwards, backwards
  • Jump over 5cm string hurdle


  • Stand on one foot for 5-10 seconds
  • Jump down from a step and keep balance on landing
  • Jump forwards in out of a hoop without falling
  • Jump over low 5cm string hurdle without falling
  • Walk along a line on tiptoes, or flat feet for 2-3 m


  • Run with arms swinging, some body sway sideways.
  • March on the spot, walk backwards, sideways, walk on toes
  • Climb stairs- one foot per step, climb down with rail- one foot per step
  • Hop on each leg 1-3 hops
  • Ride balance bike, scooter or pedal a trike, 2 wheel bike with trainers


  • Run and kick a ball, drop a ball to the ground and kick it
  • Hit a ball, on the ground, suspended in the air with a bat
  • 1 hand ball throw, over arm, under arm or rolled to a target
  • Drop and catch a ball, catch a thrown ball with 2 hands
  • Throw a ball 2 hands above head, from chest to a target