All children experience some amount of anxiety at times. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, and sometimes it helps them deal with overwhelming situations. You may notice that anxiety in your child manifests as negative behaviours that you may have glimpsed briefly in the past, but that are becoming consistent and intense.

Signs that your child may have anxiety:

  •         Agitation
  •         Restlessness
  •         Inattention, poor focus
  •         Somatic symptoms like headaches or stomach aches
  •         Avoidance
  •         Melt-downs
  •         Lots of crying
  •         Refusing to go to school
  •         Difficulties with transitions
  •         Difficulty settling down for bed, sleep disturbances and possibly nightmares
  •         Having high expectations for school work, homework and sports performance

If your child is showing signs of anxiety, they may need additional support. All kids are different and what works well for one child might not work for another. Learning to manage symptoms of anxiety and cope with triggers takes time and practice.

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