• Display a variety of sitting positions
  • Crawl on hands and knees
  • Squat to play
  • Jump 2 feet of the ground upwards
  • Jump down from low step


  • Walk backwards, sideways, turn around in a circle
  • Run and kick a ball without falling
  • Without support, walks up 4 steps, down 1-2 steps
  • Get on off and rides foot propelled bike, scooter, independently
  • Sit self at a table on a small chair


  • Walk up and down slopes, across uneven surfaces
  • Run with high arm and obvious weight shift side to side
  • March slowly on spot, walk backwards, sideways, on toes


  • Run and kick a ball, throw, hit a ball towards a target
  • Imitate domestic chores, care for dolly, teddy, put to bed, brush their hair/ teeth, go shopping
  • Imitate and draw a line, circle
  • Indicate day-time bladder control- need to use toilet/potty
  • Dance to music, use arms and legs to express dance moves