AIM Therapy offers NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA) for children and teens with a range of diagnosis including Autism.

NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments can be beneficial for NDIS plan appeals, plan reviews or NDIS applications.

Functional Capacity Assessments are quickly being recognised as best practice by NDIS to highlight a client’s function and support needs, and we are starting to see these become the norm in NDIS plans.

The purpose of a Functional Capacity Assessment is to recognise a client’s current functional capacity in all aspects of their daily life, and to understand ongoing care, support work and therapy needs which can be supported by NDIS

 An AIM Therapy FCA involves a face to face assessment and observation of the child/teen, parent interview and completing questionnaires. A comprehensive report will then be written, NDIS recommends the FCA process takes 10 or less hours including report writing, an AIM FCA takes usually 10 hours.

The process for gathering information may change slightly for each assessment due to everyone’s needs and experiences being different. However, you can usually expect the following process for our functional capacity assessments:

  • 1 to 2 hours of parent only time – this will include asking questions and gathering information about the reason for the assessment and report, goal areas for the child or teenager and time for the therapist to ask specific questions about their needs.
  • The therapist will then review any documentation that you have provided and include this in the report.
  • With your consent, the therapist may need to reach out to other therapists, teachers or caregivers in the teenagers or child’s life to gather more information.
  • The therapist will then meet with you and your child/teenager to complete the face-to-face component of the assessment – this can include getting your child/teen’s perspective on areas as well as completing formalised assessments in order to get results to include in the report.
  • After this, the therapist will then spend some time writing up the information in order to outline your child/teen’s needs based on all the information and assessments gathered – this will guide their recommendations section in the report for NDIS to review and help guide any reviews or applications based on your child/teen’s functional needs.

We look forward to hearing from you if you would like more information about AIM Functional Capacity Assessments. Contact us today to book your functional capacity assessment.


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