For children in the preschool years, the major developmental tasks are to develop autonomy and agency. The area of social and emotional development involves learning to interact with others and to understand and control emotions. A child with difficulties with social and emotional development may:

  • Seem unsettled or irritable much of the time in class
  • Excessive tantrums (after 2 years)
  • Infant mental health problems (e.g. separation/disordered attachment), seen by extreme difficulty in separating from parent/carer
  • Seems too passive or fearful, does not want to try things other children their age are doing
  • Parenting issues
  • Sibling rivalry within the family
  • Not able to join in or initiate play with other children
  • Not interested in playing with other children
  • Not able to share or take turns with other children
  • Extremely “rigid” about routines, becomes extremely upset when things change
  • Does not like being touched/moves away
  • Chews (paper/clothes/hair)

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