Strength, Balance, Coordination and Gross Motor

Physiotherapists are movement specialists. A paediatric physiotherapist has completed detailed study of how motor development contributes to healthy child development as a whole. Through movement analysis we are able to identify specific missing components necessary for skill attainment. 

We enjoy celebrating how every child develops at their own rate, though many skills expected in adulthood require a fair amount of practice and opportunity to emerge. Average timelines and latest expected age for when a child should begin to practice and finally master a skill are useful guides to intervene early when a child is not developing as expected. If your child experiencing difficulty achieving gross motor milestones or is not progressing as expected, our Physiotherapists can help. 

Your Physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment of multiple systems that enable your child’s movement. Aspects such as posture, range of motion, strength, balance, coordination and motor planning will be assessed along with developmental milestones and gross motor skills. Your Physiotherapist will likely conduct a standardised assessment to screen your child’s skills in relation to large cohorts of children of a similar age.

Treatment sessions are evidence-based and look different for each child. We consider your child’s interests, their goals and learning style when developing a session plan. A treatment session may include:

  • Education and advice
  • Hands-on facilitation
  • Balance activities
  • Stretching
  • Strength focused activities
  • Specific skill practice (i.e. running, jumping)
  • Motor planning – teaching the individual components of a complex skill to make it more achievable
  • Coordination activities (i.e. skipping, ball skills, star jumps)

Physiotherapy sessions at AIM Therapy are goal based.  Your child’s physiotherapy management plan will be tailor made, taking into consideration your family and schedule. At AIM Therapy, we take great pride in delivering Physiotherapy services as unique as your child from assessment to intervention to meeting goals. If you would like more information about our services or would like to go ahead with a booking, we welcome you to contact us 6150 8339 or