Difficulties with language development can come in many different forms and across many different ages. Some of the areas that AIM Speech Pathologists work on are:

  • Early Language Development- helping your child learn first words, expand their vocabulary and improve their comprehension.
  • Semantics- understanding the meaning of words and their relations to other words such as understanding categories, things that are similar and different and defining words.
  • Grammar- learning the ‘rules’ of language such as using past or future tense, plurals and using pronouns. This also looks at improving the structure of sentences.
  • Narrative- the ability to tell stories and complete structured language tasks is extremely important for school success.
  • Literacy- helping your child develop reading and writing skills from age 4 years and up.
  • Comprehension- this may involve helping your child improve their ability to follow instructions at home or school.

If your child is having difficulties with language development or keeping up with expectations at school, AIM Speech Pathologists can assess your child and create individualised therapy plans to improve their language skills. Together with you, AIM Speech Pathologists will create goals that can be worked on at home and at school in order to optimise outcomes for your child.