If your infant:

  • Is unable to turn their head to left and right
  • Is unable to hold their head in the centre, (their head tilts, falls to one side) when they are held, sitting or standing
  • Is unable to lift their head when on their tummy
  • Is unable to move both their arms and hands to reach, touch and explore objects
  • Has limited attention when playing with people and objects
  • Seems very floppy or stiff when you hold, move or dress them
  • Has very flexible joints or very stiff joints
  • Feet turn inwards, outwards, or are in an unusual position
  • One side of their body looks or moves differently to the other side (e.g. a leg, foot, arm, hand or side of face, head does not look/move the same as the other side)
  • Dislikes physical movement, physical activities, or gets tired easily
  • Seems to be in pain, has any swelling, increased redness, or raised temperature on any part of their body please seek medical attention

By 6 months:     

  • Is unable to roll
  • Is unable to sit when placed

By 9 months:     

  • Is unable to get into hands and knees position
  • Is unable to get in and out of sitting by self
  • Is unable to move on the floor, roll, commando creep, crawl
  • Is unable to pull to stand at furniture

By 12 months:  

  • Is unable to stand or walk with feet flat on ground
  • Is unable to walk supported, along furniture, hands held
  • Is unable to stand, walk a few steps by self (by 15 months)