If social skills or play skills are goals for your child/ adolescent’s OT, a comprehensive history will be taken in addition to a functional assessment involving observation of the child / adolescent’s social skills and specific assessments to look at a range of skill areas that may be impacting upon their performance. Social skills are listed below:

– Paying attention to others

– Understanding personal space

– Asking questions about others

– Participating in a group

– Making eye contact

– Greeting others

– Understanding the feelings of others

– Participating in a reciprocal conversation

– Showing empathy

– Asking for help

– Listening

– Personal problem solving

– Taking responsibility for self

– Compromising or negotiating

– Understanding consequences

– Doing chores

– Understanding what people mean by what they say

– Accurately identifying facial expressions and body language

Play skills are listed below

– Demonstrating play themes

– Sequencing play actions

– Substituting one object for another

– Social interaction

– Role play

– Doll/teddy play

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