If a number of difficulties are exhibited in the following areas, and are interfering with the child’s ability to perform at an age appropriate level within the kindergarten environment, an Occupational Therapy referral is recommended.

*Red text indicates a red flag for an OT referral


  • Holds pencil like a dagger
  • Swaps hands when drawing
  • Holds pencil with whole hand (long fingers)
  • Unable to draw a person – that is no head or body part present
  • Unable to copy a straight line or circle
  • Hand tremor present when drawing
  • Holds head close to paper when drawing
  • Avoids drawing
  • Does not attempt to colour in a picture


  • Unable to place fingers in scissor loops
  • Does not appear to know how to use scissors
  • Cutting limited to snipping
  • Unable to cut along a 10cm line


  • Difficulty with songs that require hand actions
  • Unable to close fist and wriggle thumb
  • Difficulty with threading task
  • Unable to build a 4 cube bridge with demonstration provided
  • Unable to complete wooden puzzle (6 pieces)
  • Does not demonstrate hand preference


  • Needs assistance for toileting
  • Unable to play or ‘work’ without adult supervision for 5-10 minutes
  • Does not recognize own belongings


  • W sits on mat
  • Fatigues easily whilst sitting on mat – leans on furniture or others for support
  • Unable to stand on left foot for 5 seconds
  • Unable to maintain seated posture at table for activity’s duration
  • Unable to stand on tip toes


  • Avoids messy play (paints, play dough, sand)
  • Covers ears frequently
  • Needs assistance to eat lunch
  • Twirls or spins self frequently during the day
  • ‘On the go’ significantly more than peers
  • Eats or licks non-food items
  • Enjoys looking at moving and spinning objects more than peers


  • Predominantly engages in repetitive and/or solitary play
  • Limited role play

If you have any further questions or would like to book an assessment, a referral to an Occupational Therapist is recommended. AIM Occupational Therapy may be contacted on 6150 8339 or reception@aimtherapy.com.au.