What to expect from our Occupational Therapists

We are first and foremost dedicated to providing an exemplary service to improve the education and life of children and their family. We pride ourselves on demonstrating a high professional standard in all aspects of our work. Key attributes of our staff include:

1. Knowledgeable
Our therapists engage in formal and self-directed professional development to ensure that their knowledge base is broadened and deepen; and that their practice remains current and evidence based. Furthermore within AIM there are Clinical Specialists who are able to offer in house training for other staff members.
We make every effort to assign clients (individual and schools) to the clinician who will best meet their needs within the parameters of availability.

2. Passionate
Our staff members have a genuine passion for working collaboratively with children, families and schools that guides their professional practice. They are both enthusiastic and creative thus making therapy fun.

3. Flexible
Individual appointments are coordinated with classroom teacher to ensure minimal disruption to class time. Attendance and participation in Incursions and Excursions are highly valued and every effort is made to reschedule appointment if there is a timetabling conflict.
Professional development and parent information sessions are tailor made to the needs of the target audience. A school partnership is unique to the school and may be amended to changing needs of the school.

4. Communication
Effective communication is an essential part of the therapeutic relationship with child, parent, teacher and school. Parents are provided with regular feedback regarding their child’s therapy session and home practice explained. They are encouraged to contact the therapist if they have any queries and face to face contact organized when required.

Two way communication between teacher and therapist may be both informal (a few words exchanged during transition times or a brief email) and formal (written reports, case conferences and classroom strategies). Schools are busy environments and it can be difficult to find the time to ‘have a chat’, either to discuss a specific child or whole classroom strategies, our staff are extremely approachable and will endeavour to find the most suitable time and means of communication.
Our therapists are skilled listeners who acknowledge family and school concerns, prioritizing intervention on jointly established goals.

5. Team work
Our staff employ a holistic approach to child development, viewing the child within the context of their environments both physical and psychosocial. We are respectful of others involved in the child’s care, valuing their knowledge and contribution and ensure that we communicate effectively to ensure optimum long term outcomes.

We encourage you to spend some time discussing the specific requirements of your school and how we may work collaboratively within your school community

6. Reliable
All inquires are responded to in a timely manner and with the thoroughness required
Our staff can be relied on to provide a consistently high level of service to clients, individuals and organizations

7. Accountable
As a registered health care profession, Occupational Therapists are accountable to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and must adhere to professional standards regarding practice and professional development.

We are a registered provider of a range of government funded programs such as: Helping Children with Autism (FaHCSIA), Better Start for Children With Disability, Medicare (Chronic Disease Management and Better Access to Mental Health), and National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). We are a registered provider with private health funds.

Our staff readily engages in peer mentoring and peer review. Furthermore we provide supervision to staff members with any new areas of practice and supervision across all areas of practice to newly graduated staff.

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