• Display a variety of sitting positions
  • Crawl on hands and knees
  • Squat to play
  • Jump 2 feet off the ground upwards, down from a low step
  • Jump forward 30 cm


  • Stand on one foot for 1-2 seconds
  • Jump down from a step and keep balance on landing
  • Jump forwards in out of a hoop without falling
  • Step over low hurdles
  • Walk along a line/ low gym beam


  • Walks up down slopes, uneven surfaces
  • Walk on tip toes 5-6 steps
  • Run and avoid obstacles
  • Marches on spot, walks backwards, sideways, on toes
  • Ride foot propelled bike, scooter or begin to use bike pedals


  • Run and kick a ball, hit a ball with a bat
  • Throw a ball over arm, under arm
  • Reach to catch a thrown ball, and pull to chest
  • Thread beads, remove lids, snip paper with scissors, draw with pencils/crayons
  • Day-time bladder bowel control, more independence in toilet