All children and families will have the opportunity to set goals important to them. They will have access to support from a qualified health professional team in order to reach them. 

Occupational Therapy for Children


All children accessing AIM Therapy services will reach their goals! The AIM Therapy process will be a fun experience for children and families and will positively influence their lives in a way they will remember forever.

AIM Therapy will assist children to reach their therapy goals as part of a tight knit team of health professionals and administrators who all aim for your child to get the most out of their therapy sessions


Delivery of excellent therapy services consistently based on evidence and a high level of analysis


Ensuring a high level of communication is carried out within the MDT and to all child’s key supports to ensure everyone is informed about the child’s therapy input

Positive experience

All individuals receiving AIM Therapy services will have a positive experience


Throughout the therapy process from referral to discharge in both verbal and written language


We are always striving to provide excellent quality therapy services so we value and frequently collect team member, parent, child, teacher and other key referrers feedback


We highly value following through on all promises made to children, parents, team members and other health/educational professionals

Can-do Attitude

Each team member will have a can-do and positive attitude


Our aim is for all clients on our caseload to continue therapy sessions until they have achieved all their therapy goals