How to care for your kids’ wellbeing during the COVID-19

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is impacting individuals directly and indirectly. There are many challenges beyond sickness that children are facing for example; change in routines, breaks in learning, missing life events and; loss of security.

Tools to support your kids’ wellbeing during this time:

Recognise their emotions and changes in behaviours

Kids’ might worry about getting COVID-19 or their family members becoming sick. Large amounts of worry or sadness can lead to changes in eating patterns, sleep habits, difficulty with attention and challenging behaviours.

  • Use the time at home to talk with your child about COVID-19
  • Answer questions and share facts
  • Connect with their feelings and share your family plan with them.
  • Try to keep regular routines – create a schedule for learning or activities at home
  • Be a role model and ensure you are managing your sleep, exercise and eating patterns as well
  • Spend time engaging in meaningful and purposeful activities with your child

Stay socially connected

It might be difficult for children to grasp why they can’t see their extended family members or go to the park with their friends. Be creative and find alternative ways for your child to connect to their loved ones and peers.

  • Write letters
  • Draw pictures to send
  • Send photos
  • Call or video chat
  • Engage in therapy online
  • Create masks or soaps at home to send to family members

Stay up to date with government websites

By staying up to date with the most relevant information you will be able to answer questions your child may have. Use this information to be a role model so your children are more likely to do the same.

Useful websites

Kids activity kit: COVID-19

Healthy WA

Australian Government

Kids Help Hotline


For more information about how to discuss COVID with your child