Shahida Hill AIM Therapy for Children

Shahida Hill

Speech Pathologist

Shahida is a speech pathologist who has graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Speech Pathology) from Curtin University.
Shahida has extensive experience with interacting with children through teaching Taekwondo for many years and providing speech pathology services across a variety of settings such as schools, at home, clinics and working within rural communities. Opportunities within her speech pathology journey has allowed her to have experience with children that have/require alternative means of communication, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Language Delay, stuttering, early language, feeding and other language and speech needs. Shahida believes in the importance of working closely with children and families towards achieving holistic goals that are most functional and important to their everyday lives. Shahida also values and thoroughly enjoys working within an allied health team, often collaborating closely with other professionals to provide the best service of care.
Outside of the office, Shahida enjoys spending her time outdoors in the sun, hiking, being at the beach and Taekwondo training. She also loves getting a coffee or bubble tea and having a giggle.

She looks forward to meeting you and your family and starting a therapeutic journey together!