Empowering Children through Handwriting Groups

Improving your child’s handwriting skills has significant benefits. It enhances their ability to express themselves effectively on paper, allowing their thoughts and ideas to flow more smoothly. By focusing on handwriting, children develop a valuable tool for self-expression that can be utilised in personal and social settings.

Our team of experienced occupational therapists offers specialised handwriting groups. Our school holiday programs provide a fun, relaxed, and social environment where children can enhance their handwriting skills and develop fine motor abilities. Learn more about our handwriting programs here:

Mini Writers

Designed for kids who are in kindergarten or pre-primary, this program focuses on developing the foundational skills that are necessary for handwriting proficiency. Our occupational therapists guide children through a variety of engaging activities that target areas such as pencil grasp, hand strength, endurance, pre-writing patterns, letter formations, sizing, spacing, and early writing skills like name writing. By mastering these essential skills, children acquire the necessary motor control, coordination, and spatial awareness required for successful handwriting.

Little Writers

Tailored to children in school years 1 to 3, our program places a particular emphasis on enhancing the motor skills required for proficient writing. Our occupational therapists lead this group, working closely with children to enhance their fine motor skills. Through a range of interactive exercises and games, children develop improved hand strength, dexterity, and pencil control. This program is a fun way to focus on n fostering efficient and fluid handwriting.

Learn in a Fun, Relaxed, and Social Environment!

Our handwriting groups provide a positive and enjoyable learning environment for children. Learning through fun activities fosters engagement and motivation. In our sessions, children interact with peers, creating a social setting that encourages communication and collaboration. This relaxed atmosphere promotes self-expression, confidence, and a love for learning. By offering a supportive group environment, we ensure that children not only improve their handwriting skills but also develop essential social skills and build a sense of camaraderie with their peers.

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